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At the first I want to welcome every player of old, but still good game Vietcong and fans of 30MiNuTeS server. Our server is ranked so after registration you can monitor your stats.Another enhanced of stats are awards like Hunter,Slayer and Runner. Stats also contains records of server. On website you can find status about server,players or download actual maps.I hope that you will enjoy these advantages and I wish you good fraging and fun on our server.

Characteristics of server

On the server are placed more maps with "COMBAT" style i.e. smaller so it will cause more contacts with enemies. Respawn time is adapted to this conditions. Playing time of one map is 30 minutes for CTF mode. Other modes DM or ATG playing time is 10 minutes.

GameSpy master server is permanently offline. At this time you will not see any servers in game. If you want to restore list of servers in game please follow instructions at alpha-team.cz . See info about how to edit your hosts file. >>Click here ENG!!!<< >>Klikni tu CS a SK!!!<<

Proceed at 23.5.2024 ,Thursday 11:55:01 PM

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ONLINE players


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