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ASUS introduce GamePlus

ASUS presents new feature called "GamePlus" for FPS players.It is crosshair integrated as monitor feature which is activated via hotkey!

I was suprised when I discover this article in the latest "ASUS World" journal ,but I´m really disgusted from this feature. They sad that it is designed for new gamers and beginners interested in FPS games ,but I´m not sure if this feature serves improving of player´s skills to higher level (through gaming ,yes :) ). My opinion is that this is simple cheating as players which cheating with crosshair simulated by 3rd party utilities or dot made by felt pen on monitor screen. It looks that count of "cowboys" which don´t need aiming (cause they are dot-skilled :) ) will increase. So after all it is just good news for "dot users" they don´t have to drawing on the screen anymore. Whats coming next as monitor feature? Some kind of move tracker or zoom ? :)

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